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We Provide Bodyguards For Your Wedding

When it comes to having security at a wedding, you can't afford not to have it. We are one of the leading wedding security providers on the East coast of the United States. We provide protective security officers, experienced private detectives, and security motorcade support for weddings. We also protect rehearsal dinners, honeymoons, events leading up to and after weddings. More and more couples are wanting their own private security for their wedding and rehearsal because of new and emerging threats. In today's times, brides will need to have their own security close by to protect them and make sure everything goes smoothly. Security that is sometimes provided by the event venue may be inadequate for the specific needs of each bride, groom, and wedding. One of the finest wedding gifts you can offer is safety and protection during a wedding. Couples want to feel like royalty by having protective security with them during their most important day of their life. Consider usi

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